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We offer a free analysis service to analyze the situation of your business in the field of digital marketing and offer you the most suitable solutions.

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Google Data Analysis and Setup

Marketplace Store, Product and Advertisement Management

Social Media Advertising

Website Development and Design Service

E-Commerce Strategic Consultancy and Team Management

Google Search & Video Advertising

Music Production + Mixing / Mastering Service

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Why should you work with us?

Free Analysis: Take Your Business to the Next Level!

E-commerce is a growing industry and improving your business’s online presence is more important than ever. As an e-commerce focused agency, we offer custom solutions to help you increase your business’ online sales.

Thanks to our own e-commerce experience and the actions we have taken against the problems our customers have encountered over the years:

We better understand the needs of your business in the field of e-commerce. We help you maximize your online sales by offering customized solutions.

  • Logistics: We increase your customer satisfaction by integrating with different cargo companies and offering the most suitable delivery options.
  • Integration: We optimize your business processes by integrating your e-commerce platform with other systems.
  • Product and stock management: We offer solutions to help you manage your products and stocks effectively.
  • Campaign management: Annual campaign calendar created according to trends, seasonality factors, sectoral and special day calendars
  • Budget targeting and foracest study: As a result of our data-based analysis, we prepare annual budget plans on a channel basis according to growth forecasts.

Correct Targeting and Strategy: The Key to Success

Reaching the right audience is the foundation of every marketing campaign. The work done during the targeting and strategy determination phase directly affects the success of your campaign.

As our agency, to bring your brand to the right audience:

  • Demographic information: We determine who your target audience is by analyzing demographic characteristics such as age, gender, income level, education level.
  • Behavioral features: We understand how your target audience behaves by examining behavioral features such as purchasing habits, internet usage habits, and interaction patterns with products.
  • Interests: We analyze your target audience’s social media profiles, search queries and other online activities to determine their interests.

In the light of the information we obtain, we develop the most appropriate strategies for your brand. These strategies may include:

  • Advertising on the right channels: We enable you to reach more people by advertising on the channels where your target audience is most active.
  • Creating personalized content: We attract your target audience to your brand by creating content that appeals to their interests and needs.
  • Increasing engagement: We use social media, email marketing and other channels to increase engagement with your target audience.

Transparency and creating a common road map are very important for successful collaboration. That’s why we have a detailed discussion with you at the beginning of the project. In this meeting:

  1. We clearly understand your goals and expectations.
  2. We analyze the current situation of your business.
  3. We determine the most appropriate solutions to achieve your goals.

In the light of this information, we create a special road map for you. On the road map:

  1. There is a detailed plan of the work to be done at each stage.
  2. Timetable and milestones are determined.
  3. Responsibilities and communication channels are clearly defined.

We review the roadmap with you, making sure both parties are on the same page. We keep you informed about the work by reporting regularly throughout the progress of the project.

With our 10 years of industry experience, we specialize in all areas of digital marketing. Our team consists of experienced professionals, each specialized in their field. In this way, we can offer our customers the most up-to-date and most effective solutions.

We follow the best practices in the industry and constantly improve ourselves. We attach importance to research and development to produce innovative solutions. We follow the latest trends to ensure our customers stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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Google Analytics Data Analysis and Setup

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Marketplace Store, Product and Advertisement Management

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Website Development and Design Service

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Google and Social Media

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We offer a free analysis service to analyze the situation of your business in the field of digital marketing and offer you the most suitable solutions. With our experienced team and advanced analysis tools:

Your business’s digital presence:

  • Your website design and functionality
  • Status of your social media accounts
  • Your visibility in search engines

Your awareness in the media:

  • News and comments about your brand
  • Frequency of mention of your brand on social media
  • Your target audience’s perception of your brand

Your website performance:

  • Number of visitors and sources
  • How long visitors stay on your website
  • Which pages are visited more

We evaluate accordingly and present the outputs to you.

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Advertising Budget Management
Pixel and
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How Do We Make a Difference in Our Business?

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As a Malta-based gaming company, the agency we cooperated with offered us effective solutions regarding Google Ads and social media advertisements. Thanks to the one-on-one consultancy we receive from Berkay, we reach our target audience more effectively.

Dobri (iGaming)Dobri for Google Ads and Social Media Ads

We collaborated with the iQuest brand on strategy creation and a new market entry plan. The team led by Berkay made significant contributions to the growth of our business and increased our market share. I would like to thank them.

Prash (iQuest)Prash for Strategy Formulation and New Market Entry Plan (iQuest)

Cooperating with Rocket.io significantly facilitated our work in terms of product mock-ups, market research and project implementation. We also hosted the agency, which works closely with my software team, in Estonia. We are grateful to Berkay and his team for their professional approach and creative solutions

Johanne (Rocket.io)Product Mock-Up, Market Research and Execution

Thanks to our collaboration with Berkay, we achieved great success in agency consultancy and team management. He included us in all areas we did not touch and conveyed his holistic perspective to us. Working with him increased my motivation and enabled us to manage our business more effectively.

Azim ErdalAgency Consultancy and Team Management

Mr. Marsel and his team gave us great support in social media advertising and technical setup. They helped us strengthen the digital presence of our brand. We thank them.

Marsel Bey (MüzikEkipmanı)Social Media Advertising and Technical Setup and Web Development

The agency we cooperate with as the SoundHorus brand is a team specialized in Google Ads and social media advertising. We are very pleased with the results we achieved under the leadership of Berkay Barboros.

Ali Haydar Timisi (SoundHorus)Google Ads and Social Media Advertising

The agency we cooperated with as the Taç Diamond brand provided us with significant support in the market analysis and website installation processes. The team led by Batuhan Meriçli made valuable contributions to our business.

Yusa Ayanoğlu (Taç Diamond)Market Analysis and Website Setup Processes

The agency we collaborated with as the Sage HQ brand contributed to the growth of our brand by offering us special strategies in digital marketing management. We would like to thank Mr. Berkay.

Ozan S (Sage HQ)Digital Marketing Management

The agency we collaborated with as Beaugo helped us position our brand strongly and reach our target audience. Despite our number of products, we worked on opportunity areas compared to competitors and took our position in the market by differentiating ourselves in communication. Thanks to creative advertising strategies and impressive brand management, we achieved results beyond our expectations.

Görkem Bali (Beaugo)Brand Building and Advertising Management

The agency we cooperated with as the Mahlas Publications brand offered us effective solutions in social media and marketplace advertising management. The team led by Berkay helped us achieve our goals. Thanks to our products that ranked 1st on Trendyol in November and December, our number of orders increased by 1000% .

Mertcan Bey (Mahlas Yayınları)Social Media and Marketplace Advertising Management, Web Development

The agency we cooperate with as the Teleskop brand is truly an expert in digital marketing and marketplace management. They took it from scratch and we reached a monthly turnover of 1 Million ₺ in a short period of time. It is impossible not to be impressed by their success. Thank you for the value they added to our business.

Ayberg Peker (Teleskop)Digital Marketing and Marketplace Management

The agency we cooperated with as the owner of Best Hotel provided a professional service regarding Google Analytics installation and advertising services. We would like to thank Berkay Barboros for his companionship.

Mustafa Köksalan (Best Otel)Google Analytics Setup and Advertising Services

"I achieved much more than what I said! I revolutionized my business with e-commerce consultancy services. We received great support from Berkay in agency management and team development. We strengthened my brand thanks to marketing strategies, data analysis and customer-oriented approach. I am grateful to them!"

Sema Türkmen (Mısırlı 1951)E-commerce Consultancy

As Dozze Kahve, we gladly benefited from marketplace management services. We started selling actively in 5 marketplaces in a short period of a month, even though our product was not yet ready. The team increased the visibility of our products on the right platforms and at the right time. We thank them.

Kaan Bey (Dozze Kahve)Marketplace Management

The agency we cooperated with as the Skopje brand offered us special solutions on Google Search, social media advertising and brand communication. Unlike the agencies we worked with before, it knew what it wanted and clearly conveyed to us the steps that needed to be taken. Berkay Barboros, with his open communication and quick solutions Thank you.

Egemen Bey (Üsküplü)Google Search, Social Media Advertising and Brand Communication

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