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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is an effective digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to directly interact with their target audience, increase brand awareness and promote their products or services to a wide audience. We can broadcast professional advertisements after technical installation on the most preferred social media applications such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitch. The increasing usage time of social media platforms in Turkey and around the world, the importance of community management and the critical role of social media for brand awareness are indispensable elements of this service. 

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Social Media Advertising has become an integral part of businesses’ digital marketing strategies today. The reason is based on these factors:

  • Broad Audience Reach: Social media platforms are home to millions of active users, increasing the potential for brands to reach a wide audience.
  • Direct Engagement with Target Audience: Social media ads provide the chance to directly interact with potential customers and increase brand loyalty.
  • Advanced Targeting Options: You can direct your ads to a specific target audience thanks to demographic, geographic and interest-based targeting options.
  • Building Brand Awareness and Trust: Social media ads can increase your brand awareness and build trust with your target audience.


The basic methodology followed for Social Media Advertising consists of the following steps:

Research and Analysis

Conducting detailed research on target audience, competitor analysis and sectoral trends.

Strategy Development

Creating a strategy suitable for the determined goals, planning which platforms will be used and how the target audience will be affected.

Implementation and Optimization

Implementing the determined strategy, regularly checking campaign performance and making optimizations when necessary.


Reporting campaign results in detail, shaping future strategies with the data obtained.

Social Media Advertising involves a strategic planning and implementation process:

  • Goal Setting: Goals such as determining the goals of the campaign, increasing brand awareness, attracting traffic or increasing sales are determined.
  • Platform Selection: Choosing social media platforms that suit your target audience profile, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Target Audience Determination: Determining your target audience based on demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors.
  • Advertising Design: Creating impressive advertising content containing visual and textual elements.
  • Budget and Time Planning: Determining the campaign budget and duration, optimizing ad impressions.
  • Tracking and Analysis: Tracking the performance during the campaign and optimizing the campaign by analyzing the data obtained.

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How long does it take for social media ads to be effective?

The time to effectiveness varies depending on the campaign’s goals and strategy, but usually first results can be seen shortly after the campaign begins.

Which social media platforms should be preferred?

How is the budget determined?

The budget is determined depending on the campaign’s goals, target audience size and competition. An appropriate budget can be determined with professional analysis and planning.

What strategy is followed during the campaign?

Performance analysis should be performed regularly throughout the campaign, and necessary optimizations should be made in the strategy according to the data obtained.

How is the return on social media ads measured?

Conversion is evaluated by metrics such as reaching campaign goals, increasing sales, or taking a specific action. This data is important in evaluating the success of the campaign.