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Google Advertising and Management

Google Advertising is a digital marketing strategy that aims to reach potential customers by advertising the products or services of businesses on Google platforms. Google Advertising involves running ads on various platforms such as Google Search Results, Google Display Network, YouTube and Google Shopping. Businesses can increase their online visibility with ads targeted on specific keywords, demographics, or interests.

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  • Search Ads: Includes ads targeted to specific keywords in Google Search results. It allows you to reach customers directly with relevant search terms.
  • Display Ads: Allows advertisements with visual content to be published on the Google Display Network. Increases brand awareness with visual appeal.
  • Video Ads: It allows you to reach the target audience with video ads on platforms such as YouTube. Videos can create engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Google Shopping Ads: Helps you increase your sales by displaying your products in Google Search results or Google Shopping.
  • Pmax Ads: It is an ideal option for businesses that want to develop performance-based advertising strategies. In this model, a specific target performance is set and the advertising budget is automatically adjusted as this performance is achieved. This way, advertisers can find the most effective budget strategy to meet set goals.
  • Location Based Location Ads: It allows businesses to display ads based on their geographic location and users’ physical location. This model offers an especially effective way for local businesses to reach potential customers directly and increase physical store visits.
Increased Visibility

Google Advertising allows your brand and products to gain greater visibility in the online world.

Targeted Traffic

Offers the opportunity to directly reach the target audience with ads based on certain demographic characteristics, geographical locations or interests.

Quick Results

Ads that can be published instantly help you quickly reach the target audience and impress potential customers.

Traffic and Lead Increase

Google Advertising helps you drive more traffic to your website and increase your potential customer base.

Targeted Marketing

Showing ads based on specific demographics and interests supports targeted marketing strategies.

Brand Awareness

Increases brand awareness with display and video ads and allows you to impress your customers.

Target Audience Analysis

The correct target audience is determined in line with the business model and goals of the customers.

Keyword Strategy

By creating strategies based on relevant keywords, it is ensured that the advertisement reaches the right people.

Advertising Design and Optimization

Continuous optimization is carried out by creating effective advertising images and texts.

Service Scope/Content

Google Ads Account Management

Account opening, configuration and continuous optimization.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Identifying relevant keywords and creating the strategy.

Advertising Campaign Management

Creating and managing campaigns in different advertising models.

Budget Management

Optimal budget distribution and effective spending strategies.

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What is Google Advertising and how does it work?

Google Advertising is a digital marketing strategy that aims to increase the online visibility of businesses by advertising on Google platforms. Main models include search ads, display ads, video ads, and Google Shopping ads. Businesses can reach potential customers with ads targeted to specific keywords, demographics, or interests.

Which businesses should use Google Advertising?

Which option should I use among the advertising models?

It is important to choose the appropriate advertising model depending on your business goals and product/service type. When choosing between search ads, display ads, video ads, and Google Shopping ads, you should consider your target audience and marketing goals.

What does Google Advertising bring?

Using Google Advertising brings brand awareness with increased visibility, targeted traffic, fast results and various advertising models. Businesses can increase organic web traffic and expand their potential customer base.

How often should reporting be done and how should it be evaluated?

Regular reporting is important to understand ad performance and optimize strategies. You can improve your advertising strategies and optimize budget management by creating monthly or weekly reports with metrics such as click rates, conversions, costs.

6. With what budget can Google Advertising be used?

Google Advertising is a marketing strategy that offers businesses budget flexibility. By setting daily or monthly budget limits, you can keep advertising expenditures under control and develop strategies that fit your budget.